Lycon wax galway

Lycon Wax

Aromatherapy based and pain free waxing system from Australia. Lycon wax, the wax of choice in top salons around the world. Lycon wax contains aromatherapy oils, natural oils and the finest resins which allow for an improved waxing experience. Lycon wax can remove stubborn hair as short as 1mm resulting in the smoothest finish.

Lycon wax is overall a more comfortable method of waxing. Pre-waxing oil is applied to the area acting as a barrier between the skin and the wax. This allows the wax to wrap tightly around the hair instead of sticking to the skin and so reducing discomfort experienced.

To allow for a more comfortable wax Lycon wax also contains various essential oils and is used at a low temperature. The essential oils soothe and nurture the skin whilst the low temperature wax provides a skin conditioning and nurturing treatment.

When Lycon wax is used the problems that are traditionally associated with waxing, such as redness, in-grown hairs and bruising, are reduced.


Available in The Beauty Rooms @ Barry’s, Galway now.